About Aymie Academy

Our Origin and Story

A couple of years ago,my team and I spotted a huge gap in the domestic Staffing industry in Nigeria.

We identified several causes for the real deep challenges, one of which was an absence of training programs for household staff. We believe educational programs would help bridge this gap.

Aymie Academy was born formally in January, 2018. We have trained drivers, nannies, house keepers, house managers and chef.

Our specialized curriculum was borne out of research and tailor made for everyone to benefit from especially domestic staff.

The online version was put together In order to reach out to all domestic staff in Nigeria and Africa as we are certain it would be highly beneficial to all.

The site is very easy to access and and interactive in its approach.

Several courses have been listed and more courses are being designed to join our course bank.

We have amazing testimonials from our students and we hope to make Domestic Staffing a professional job.

Enjoy learning!

CEO, Elizabeth Ajetunmobi